We Are Usually Asked About

What is your cost?

This varies based on the scope of work. We provide our services for a flat fee or hourly rate. One size does not fit all; contact us for your customized quote.

Do I pay upfront or after services are completed?

Since this is a partnership, we feel it’s fair for both parties to commence payment while services are being rendered. We invoice on a weekly basis.

What are your hours of operation?

For inquiries and potentially new accounts, our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (EST). However, for existing clients, our hours fluctuate to bridge the gap between time-zones and time sensitive projects.

What industries do you service?

We are open to all industries. What makes us unique is our versatility, some of our more recent clients are from the following industries: restaurants (from casual fast-food to formal dining), retail, packaging, beverage, schools, non-profit organizations, travel and hospitality. The list goes on, so if your industry is not listed, don’t be discouraged, just give us a call or email info@themoveforward.net

Even though you’re located in Florida, do you work with customers from other states?

Absolutely! We provide services for clients located anywhere in North America.

How soon will my company see results?

This is always a tricky question, there are many variables to consider and the scope of each project differs. Even though there is no absolute definitive time frame, many of our clients experienced positive results almost immediately after our negotiated contracts went into effect.

Can you source goods from overseas?

Yes. In addition to our database of global suppliers, we are constantly vetting new suppliers. Thanks to our extensive network, we are able to leverage volume and consolidate freight so we can pass savings onto our clients

You’ve mentioned working with a network of consultants; do I have to sign separate confidentiality forms with them?

No, all of our consultants and partners comply with our client relationship policy and confidentiality policy. The same conditions apply to individuals we may sub-contract. Our top priorities are client confidentiality, adding qualitative/quantitative value, and ensuring each project receives the best possible representation.

Why should we hire you for our supply chain needs?

You have a problem and we’re here to solve it. We’re professional, experienced, and effective. That’s what we call a win-win situation!

Once a project is completed and services contract is expired are you available to answer any questions?

Yes, we’re always available. We offer a courtesy hour 1 week following the completion of our contracted service/project, this time is dedicated to only discuss information related to the completed service contract. After that, an hourly rate may apply. For additional support, we offer a Retainer Program.

How does your Retainer Program work?

You would have access to our expertise at any time for a monthly fee. This excludes services that are provided under our fee schedule.

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