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The Move Forward, LLC is a highly effective supply chain consulting firm. We offer consulting services that drive measurable improvements within the different components of supply chain. We support the needs of our clients, whether strategic or tactical. In our role as trusted advisors, we provide objective analysis, results-oriented solutions, process implementation, and ensure compliance. Our firm has delivered millions of dollars in cost avoidance and savings, while our clients also benefit from sustainable operational improvements. Our global reach has positively impacted our domestic and international clients, leveraging and consolidating is a universal practice to accomplish aggressive goals. Our client’s overall interests always come first; after all, their success is our success.

The Move Forward, LLC is the ideal partner to move your business forward.

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7 Principles of Our Work

The Seven Principles of our work form the foundation of how we do business every day. We take every opportunity to make a positive impact with each customer by adhering to our core values and we are proud of how that has always differentiated us — The Seven Principles.

We put The Seven Principles at the center of every project we get to work on.

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We strive for Quality and continuous improvement; we will meet or exceed the standards of excellence customers expect from us.


We act with Integrity, consistency, and honesty in all that we do.


We are committed to delivering measurable Results so our customers feel confident in their return on investment.


We choose to be positive, even in the face of adversity. Positivity is contagious and boosts morale, productivity, and stimulates creativity.


We establish open communication and Collaborate with our customers to implement solutions and reach significant milestones.


We base our work on Knowledge acquired through our experience as well as keeping a pulse on market trends and regulatory changes.

Create Value

Our formula is simple, by ensuring Quality + Integrity + Results + Positivity + Collaboration + Knowledge, we CREATE VALUE. And this why The Move Forward, LLC exists.


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